About REA Advisors / Paradigm Commercial

We provide commercial real estate asset and property management across the West Coast. We specialize in applying management procedures specific to your property type.

REA Advisors/Paradigm Commercial’s principal has over 13 years experience in the real estate industry, including to asset/property management, accounting services, construction projects management, sales, leasing, financing, entrepreneurship and investing.

At REA Advisors/Paradigm Commercial, we take personal responsibility for each and every action, all of which are taken to further our client’s goals!

We are the essential resource for brokers/agents, developers/declarants, banks/lenders, architects, attorneys general contractors and insurance agents. Over the years, we have worked with:

  • Over 30 industrial parks, retail centers, office properties, self-storages, apartments, and SFRs throughout Southern California and Arizona
  • 650+ buildings/parcels/units and landlords/tenants, including banks, multiple developers, the FBI, and UPS
  • Over 5 million square fee of industrial, retail, and office space, plus hundreds of acres of maintained land within business parks and other facilities
  • $4 million in annual client revenue, on behalf of investors, boards of directors, developers, and corporate owners and tenants
  • $500 million in real estate property assets

REA Advisors/Paradigm Commercial is a proud member of: