Commercial Property Management Across the West Coast

REA Advisors/Paradigm Commercial helps you maximize income and minimize headaches by applying management procedures specific to your property type.

This summary page will probably be the last page I finish writing.

Management Solutions:

– Real Estate Accounting and Administrative Services

– Asset Management

– Property Management

– Component and Area Management

All Services/Solutions may be combined or “A La Carte” depending on our Client’s needs. We work with and consult local brokers and agents that specialize in the area in question for brokerage, leasing, purchasing and association services. We do not perform brokerage or lending services.

Consulting Solutions:

– Distressed Asset Support Services

– Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction
Oversight, Guidance and Consulting for New Subdivisions

– Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction
TIs/Special Projects Project Management, Oversight,
Guidance and Consulting (Including Rules or
Architectural Guidelines Creation).

– Specialized Budget Preparation, Evaluation, Analysis and

– Independent, Non-Bised Reserves Investment

– Lease Agreement Review and Recommendations

– Acquisition, Revitalization and Disposition of Distressed
Real Estate Assets

We are the essential resource for brokers/agents, developers/declarants, banks/lenders, architects, attorneys general contractors and insurance agents.